Montessori Scholars Academy emphasizes hands on, child directed learning.

Our Facility is located on a 3-acre campus in the heart of Milton/Alpharetta

What our Parents Say about
Montessori Scholars Academy

Best Montessori School in the Milton/Alpharetta area

“In just these 6 months, we have seen great deal of changes in the way he interacts with his peers and others socially…as well as we noticed tremendous improvements in him academically.”  – Pritesh Bhavsar (Parent)

Fantastic Educational Organization

“From education point of view and care of my child perspective, this is one of the best environment for our child educational, activity, and health.”  – HJ J (Parent)

Learning things fast

“I recommend this amazing school for you and your kids. My son is having a great experience. Everyday he wakes up with a smile in his face excited to go to school. Also this school offers many interesting activities everyday. My child’s teacher has a lot of patience with the kids. She encourages them to do their best all the time. One of the best schools around Alpharetta.”– Doris Pereyra (Parent)

Montessori Scholars Academy...

... Was Built With Love

The owner of Montessori Scholars Academy built this school with lot of love and care as if he was building it for his own grand children. The building is designed in a way that one can enjoy seeing beautiful nature while being in the building.

... Offers a Clean Environment for Your Children

The school’s building is state of the art facility built with a two story ceiling to enable plenty of fresh, high quality air and features very large windows so that each classroom has plenty of sunlight and Vitamin D for the children.

... Prioritize's Safety and Well Being

School’s campus was Purposefully built about 1000 feet away from the road to ensure safety of all the children.  School has hired a very experienced and caring chef who prepares very healthy, fresh and organic meals for all the kids on daily basis.