The Importance of Family

Our school stresses the importance of the family-teacher partnership. Family members are invited to participate in the classrooms through a variety of ways: reading, cooking, classroom projects or participation in “going-outs”.

Official Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year to discuss children’s progress, and individual meetings can be scheduled at the request of the family or the teacher.

MSA has set as a goal the education of the families it serves regarding their child’s Montessori educational experience.  It is crucial for the family to understand the underlying values that the child is acquiring at school, in order to support his growth. We achieve this through Educational Nights which are scheduled throughout the academic year to discuss topics ranging from the principles being taught, the areas of the classroom and its purposes, discipline approach and socialization.

In depth training for families is also another goal of MSA, and this is done in sessions offered to families twice a year that are called “Silent Journeys”. These sessions offer an opportunity for parents or other adult caretakers to experience Montessori in-depth, and support from home the work that the school is doing with the children during the school year.