Parents' Testimonials

Jon LevineParent
The teachers do a fantastic job with teaching the students academics as well as accomplishing objectives independently. We are amazed at how calm the atmosphere always is in the classroom, and how productive the students are on their own.
Margaret KuberraParent
The school director was extremely accommodating to my last minute appointment request and gave me a thorough tour of the school and answered all of my questions regarding curriculum, education and philosophy.  This is a world-class facility, right outside of Atlanta!
Giovanna SerranoParent
My son is in the Elementary program at Montessori Scholars and, academically, he is studying material that is at least one or two grade-levels above the standard curriculum offered by private and public schools. The teachers have the best Montessori training and are AMI certified. Parental involvement is high, and the results are reflected in the quality of the school. They also offer many enrichment programs after school, as well as before and after care, which offers a complete solution for many families.
Sonja FabianParent
Montessori scholars features state of the art facilities and all certified Montessori teachers. A high-quality staff of teachers who truly care about the social and intellectual development of your child, the fully equipped, beautiful Montessori classrooms, the on-site kitchen and more. The school offers a unique learning experience that fosters your child’s social skills and provides a basis for life-long self-motivation and enthusiam for learning which form the basis for future success. In addition to a top-notch Montessori experience, your child will experience a homely atmosphere that gives you a good feeling every time you drop them off. My kids love it!
Carlos SolisParent
The prepared Montessori environment challenges and inspires our children to think critically, to be independent, to research and find the answers on their own, to be creative and to express their individuality. Children in their class are respectful and sociable, they love each other, and all of them display high self-esteem. For me, the positive development of their personalities is as important as their academic advancement.
Obdulia GerageParent
The director is deeply devoted in providing a Montessori learning environment and making sure that her teachers and aides provide quality care and challenging curriculums to the children. The moment you walk in the school and you will find the children well behaved and learning. When we pick up our children, as well as the other parents, you will find the children run up to the parents, and most often go right back to finishing their work, or hearing the story that is being read, and picking up their work stations before they leave. This is a great sign that a child is happy-when they don’t want to leave. I would recommend Montessori Scholars in a heartbeat to any parent.
Maria ShkolnikParent
Great School! We’ve been on this school since it was opened. They have fully equipped classes, good teachers who love our kids and what they are doing. The facility is extremely clean. They have a lot of activities to involve parents to their kids lives.  I have only one son and I want him to have everything the best!
Daniel GruessoParent
We moved to the Alpharetta area within the last year and evaluated several schools in the area. After meeting and touring MSA we selected it among 5 other schools. The defining factors were the professionalism of the staff and its diversity. Since our — now 2 yrs old — son started attending we have not only noticed several positive behavioral changes but have also been provided with the tools and knowledge to be better parents. The care provided by the staff is unparalleled and the amount of love & compassion never ceases to amaze. I would highly recommend this school to any parents looking for an above-average experience for your kids.

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If a child can’t learn the way we teach, we will quickly move to teaching
the way they learn best because we know mistakes are meant for learning, not repeating!

Why Parents Recommend MSA?

I recommend this amazing school for you and your kids.My son is having a great experience.Everyday he wakes up with a smile in his face excited to go to school .Also this school offers many interesting activities everyday. Ms.Rebecca my child’s teacher has a lot of patients with the kids she also encourages them to do their best all the time.One of the best schools around Alpharetta.
Doris PereyraParent
My son has been attending MSA. From education point of view and care of my child perspective, this is one of the best environment for our child educational, activity, and health. I am very satisfied and happy to be a part of this fantastic Educational organization – Terrific Educational Management, Teacher lined up, and excellent child health and diet concern.
HJ JParent
Best Montessori School in the Milton/Alpharetta area My son was enrolled with a different Montessori school for about 1.5 year, before starting at Montessori Scholars Academy since Jan 2015. In just these 6 months, we have seen great deal of changes in the way he interacts with his peers and others socially…as well as we noticed tremendous improvements in him academically. He is already way ahead in reading and Math skills which are the basics for the elementary level…Certainly the full credit goes to the MSA staff and the wonderful & caring teachers. I am not a kind of person who writes frequent online reviews, but I stumbled upon these negative reviews while googling MSA to refer a friend, and was sad to learn about others’ experiences. My suggestions to any parent who is looking at these reviews is, if the location is convenient for you, please DO NOT just go by positive/negative reviews, please visit the school and experience it yourself before deciding 🙂
Pritesh BhavsarParent
Our children have been at the school for 3 years. This is a school that lives diversity and learning. They don’t need a diversity program they are diverse; culturally, economically and ability. If the ‘proof of the pudding’ is in the eating, attend international day at the school, you will see cultural dress and food from all over the world brought by parents of the children; the most tasty Latin, Indian, European food. The guy in the Lederhosen is me. Our children have learned as if by magic, all of a sudden they are reading and doing math. The MS method works and the teachers at the school know how to apply it. The children are ahead of their peers. It is a safe and caring environment such that they are able to accommodate children with autism. How many school environments can do that? My child now knows that not everyone is equally able, has experienced it and has learned to help. What our children learned at the school will be with them all their lives and I’m grateful for that.
Gerhard WernerParent