Mission, Vision & Values


We seek to consistently serve children in a safe and nurturing educational environment by challenging and inspiring their individual quest for knowledge and skill, and by empowering the development of their self-discipline and self-confidence.



We envision children who grow up to become engaged, productive and compassionate members of society. We envision our school as a pathway to future generations of critical thinkers, creators, leaders and professionals who trust themselves and understand the world in such a way that they will confidently be able to create positive change.



Academic Excellence – Application and use of Montessori method and materials to support the individual’s search for knowledge and to prepare the child for the next level of education.

Integrity – Our community values and acts honestly in all of its actions and decisions, and strives to instill this value in all students

Diversity – Celebration, respect and appreciation of individual differences, abilities and skills.

Community – Our mission and vision depends on parent and family involvement: MSA is a community formed by staff, educators, administrators and learners who care and support each other to further our mission and vision.

Kindness – MSA, as a community demonstrates and teaches care and respect toward self, others and our environment. We show compassion towards others and help those in need.

Self-confidence – Children are empowered to search for knowledge and acquire and develop skills. They are taught how to defend their beliefs and how to decide for themselves regarding other people’s actions or views.

Passion – MSA believes passionately in Maria Montessori’s legacy, her philosophy and her method of teaching. We feel enthusiastic regarding our work, our school and the mission we are accomplishing. Children feel our engagement and learn to be passionate and show passion in their work, beliefs and endeavors.