Swings and Playgrounds

The school is well-built with a dedicated play area for the kids and activity grounds for various physical activities. We have various different swings for the kids so that they can have a happy and playful time there.

Well-Decorated Classrooms

The classrooms are very well-decorated and the interior is designed to make the classrooms look perfect for the kids.MSA provides the Montessori kids with easy to play toys that can enhance their cognitive abilities and help to polish their creative skills.

Special Robotics Classes

In order to meet the needs of the present age and to keep the students updated with the latest technology, we also offer robotics. We aim to adopt innovative means to provide them the best ever learning experience.

Physical Activities

These are important for the healthy growth and development of kids. We try our best to pay attention to both their education and improved body growth.


We offer special gymnastics classes for the kids. Our trainers are very experienced and they mentor the kids and help them in their regular practice inside the school campus.

Karate Classes

We teach the students to be active, strong and conscious all the time. Our experts teach them some basic self-defense techniques so that they can protect themselves.


Healthy activities like sports are essential for the proper growth of children. We offer several outdoor games so that children can enjoy and spend some quality time with fellow kids.

Leadership Qualities

Participation in sports and games help the kids to learn about team spirit and leadership qualities. We make special efforts to make your kid a better human being.


We offer Soccer for the kids. Special trainers are there that will teach the kids how to play properly.

Flavorsome food

We have a very experienced chef who makes delicious and healthy organic food for the kids. They are going to love the food for sure.

Hygienic Environment

We have a very spacious kitchen where healthy and clean food is cooked daily for the kids. We take special care of the hygiene and properly washed and clean utensils are used.

Delightful Menu

The menu is changed on regular basis by keeping in mind the taste and choice of children.