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In the face of the crisis of the public educational systems and private schools, a Montessori education offers a time-tested approach to nurture and develop the fullest potential of who the child can become.

Montessori is more relevant today than ever, in a culture of youth violence and disconnection, the Montessori child grows in consciousness, mindfulness and respect of herself and her surroundings, maintains and grows in her desire for learning, learns how to research and find information that is needed and relevant, develops social and emotional skills to deal with conflict resolution, learns how to work in teams of people of different backgrounds and skill levels; masters leadership and self discipline skills through practice over the years of being in multi age environments which makes her the youngest who follows an older child, or the oldest who is the leader of the group. All of the above are the abilities and skills required for a fulfilling family, personal and professional life.

We have collected a small sample of videos and articles that support the above statements. Please watch and read, and let us know if we can expand or show you Montessori in action at our school.

Montessori Madness:  A Parent-to-Parent Argument for Montessori Education [Trevor Eissler]

Good at doing things: Montessori Education and Higher Order Cognitive Functions (Steve Hughes, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology, University of Minnesota Medical School)

Montessori Education Provides Better Outcomes 
Than Traditional Methods, Study Finds

Forbes Magazine: Montessori is an example of the new culture of learning

Google founders talk Montessori

Sergey Brin talks about his Montessori education