Families & Association

Welcome to the Montessori Scholars Academy School Families Association (MSA-FA)

The Montessori Scholars Academy School Families’ Association (MSA-FA) is the body for representation and involvement of families in our school. It is made up of parents and family members of MSA students.
Our main goal is to enhance the sense of community in our school, creating a healthier and welcoming environment for our children and families.

What does the MSA-FA do?

MSA-FA volunteers for the following roles and activities:

  • Supporting the school in organizing school fairs, festivals and celebrations
  • Fundraising and volunteering for school projects
  • Box tops
  • Support on Picture Day
  • Gardening committee
  • Organizing book fair
  • Chaperones for Going-outs
  • Other school activities

How often does the MSA-FA meet?

MSA-FA holds regular meetings on the first Thursday of the month from 5 pm – 6 pm.

It is easy to join MSA-FA!

If you wish to join MSA-FA, simply contact MSA at (770) 754-0777 or make plans to attend the next meeting.