Our Faculty

Mrs. Maryam Akbarshahi

Primary 3 Lead Teacher

Experience: 28 Years

Mrs. Mahnaz Akbarshahi (Mrs. Mona)

Lead Toddler 2 Teacher

Experience: 25 Years

Ms Rodica Ceapa

Elementary Lead Teacher

Experience: 20 Years

Ms. Archana Dolzake (Ms.Tina)

Primary II Lead Teacher

Experience: 8 Years

Mrs. Sharada Vandanam

Primary II Assistant Teacher and Infant Afternoon Teacher

Experience: 8 Years

Ms Lorena Galindo

Primary Assistant Teacher

Experience: 7 Years

Mrs. Ashley Seibert

Toddler I Lead Teacher

Experience: 6 Years

Mrs. Sima Vali Kardan

Toddler II Assistant Teacher

Experience: 6 Years

Ms. Natella Gadzhiyeva

Toddler 2 Assistant teacher

Experience: 4 Years

Mrs. Khalida Bekogly

Infant Teacher

Experience: 4 Years

Mrs. Vandana Sethi

Elementary Assistant Teacher

Experience: 4 Years

Mrs. Etibor Kadymova


Experience: 4 Years

Ms. Karla Perez

Primary After School Teacher

Experience: 3 Years

Zohreh Ebrahimi

Primary III Assistant Teacher

Experience: 2 Years

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