Enrichment Classes

Montessori Scholars’ Academy offers a variety of enrichment classes to complement and enhance the child’s learning experience, and support her whole development. Enrichment classes offered are: Art (drawing and painting), Ballet, Soccer, Karate, Piano, Gymnastics and Robotics. The majority of the classes are taught after regular school hours and last between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Advanced STEM Curriculum

Our custom designed STEM Program at MSA gives all students in Kindergarten – 5th grade opportunities and experiences that are unlike any other. Our STEM Labs are filled with the latest design software, robotics and cutting-edge equipment. They are places buzzing with project-based assignments, like programming robots where facts and figures are turned into ingenuity and inventiveness. Our STEM Program uniquely provides the opportunity for students to learn about real-world problems – from design and development, to housing and healthcare, to transportation and technology. The mission of our STEM Program is to improving the quality of life through promoting engineering solutions and technological innovations. Our work is based on the belief that every person deserves education, well-being, success and self-actualization.


  • Teaching state of the art STEM curriculum

  • Ensuring they stay current with latest technology

  • Fostering creativity and innovation in them

  • Educating concepts of real world applications


  • Enhances creative and innovation skills

  • High Self-confidence

  • Prepares them for a better tomorrow

  • Improves ability to solve complex problems

Piano Classes

We offer special piano classes for your children here. They will begin learning the basics from a very tender age and would become experts by the time they grow up. The growing minds have great learning potential and we try our best to help them take advantage of their learning capabilities and teach them how to play this beautiful instrument.


  • Polishing their skills

  • Providing better Learning opportunities

  • Provision of Entertainment

  • Developing their interest in music


  • Advanced knowledge of musical technology

  • Basic keyboard techniques

  • Better compositional techniques

  • Adoption of various musical styles

Soccer - A fun-filled healthy sport


We have designated play area for the kids’ sports. We offer the very popular and demanding soccer for the kids. Our highly experienced and dedicated sports teachers help them to learn how to play in a more efficient manner. Regular practice sessions are arranged to enhance their skills and your kid would love the play for sure.

Karate - Basic Self-defense techniques


The growing bodies of little kids are full of energy and this energy needs to be channelized properly. We understand their needs and offer karate classes to keep them active and fit. It is the best way to utilize their energy more productively.

Dance Classes- A Joyous learning experience


Keeping in mind the significance of physical activities, we also offer dance classes. Kids usually love music and dance and we make our best efforts to keep them happy.  By keeping them engaged in such physical activities, we make sure that they remain fit, healthy and active.

Gymnastics - A Base for physical development


We do offer gymnastics to help the kids build a solid athletic foundation. Additionally, it will help them to have a more flexible body. Gymnastics will also be helpful in improving their body strength, coordination, and balance.


Availability of such broad range of extra-curricular activities can be very fruitful in developing a positive attitude in the kids. We have a very dedicated staff that strives to provide the kids with all the facilities and opportunities so that they can become more confident and bright students.