About Us

About Us

Montessori Scholars Academy (MSA) is an educational facility in Alpharetta, Georgia that is dedicated to the highest standards of pedagogical practices for your children. Our school focuses on teaching your child the skills necessary to succeed in the technologically everchanging world we live in. We have obtained both SACS and AdvancEd accreditation, which help demonstrate our dedication to the advancement of your children in our educational program.

All of Montessori Scholars Academy’s Lead Teachers are certified by one of three Montessori societies: Association Montessori International (AMI), American Montessori Society (AMS), or Pan American Montessori Society (PAMS) . In order to obtain this certification, the teachers must attend and successfully complete the entire training program offered at designated training centers for their specific level (e.g. Primary). The teachers must also complete a practicum and work as assistants in the appropriate classrooms before becoming a lead teacher. More information about the certifications of our educators can be provided upon request. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or visit the websites of the certification societies at the links provided here: AMI Website, AMS Website, and PAMS Website.

We believe that kids are born with a quest for learning and we strive to provide them a more joyous and fun-filled learning experience.

Our school currently offers two distinct academic programs, which covers Toddler and Primary education. We have previously offered Elementary programs as well and if you are interested in Elementary (Ages 6-12), please express this interest to us!

Infant Years

Up to 18 months of age

Toddler Years

18 – 36 months of age

Primary Curriculum

Ages 3 – 6 years


Fun-Filled Educational Journey

We have well-decorated classrooms where kids can enjoy and learn at the same time. The curriculums are designed very carefully to enhance the cognitive skills of young minds. Several extra-curricular activities are also offered in order to groom the kid’s personality. Participating in these activities can enhance your child’s confidence and can improve his learning capabilities.

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Our Teaching Paradigm

Games are important for the kids and these are a wonderful source of keeping the little minds active and fresh. We understand its importance and provide our kids with countless facilities to enjoy themselves. Some extra-curricular activities that we offer for our students include Karate and Gymnastics.

Considering the importance of outdoor games, we have built a beautiful playground for kids. There are many different swings in the playground where your children would love to play.

We have also initiated Robotics classes for kids to help them get an easy understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math.

We make special efforts to enhance the artistic skills of children and provide them the best opportunities to polish their talent. Drawing competitions, crafting skills, and many useful activities are specially arranged after the school hours to keep them active.

The childs main educational experiences come from interacting with our traditional Montessori Stations. We have an array of various different stations that are aimed to teach your children about topics ranging from mathematics concepts to geography through interactive experiences.

We know sports are equally important for the kids, therefore, we provide multiple options. We offer several different sports for the little kids so that they can enjoy and have an entertaining time here. Special soccer classes are offered where children are taught the basic rules and a healthy competition helps to instill sportsmanship and team spirit in them.

Special painting classes are organized for the kids and interclass competitions are also arranged to polish their skills. We try our best to provide them an entertaining learning experience.

We offer special piano classes for children to make them familiar with the basics and to provide them a joyous musical experience. Additionally, dance classes are also organized and well-trained teachers are there to help the kids in learning this beautiful art.

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