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About the Montessori Classroom and Teaching Method

Our Montessori classrooms are designed with the child in mind. A true Montessori environment is a warm, open, spacious place where your child feels like they are at home. When your child feels comfortable in expressing themselves, they are able to interact freely with the materials and learn at their own pace. The classroom has many activities for the child to learn from: by themselves, in groups, inside, outside, on furniture, and even on the floor. The rooms items are scaled to fit the child’s size, including the furniture, shelves, and Montessori materials themselves in order to foster this level of comfort. You will not find a chalkboard and a teacher standing in the center or front of the classroom; rather all of the students and the activities they do are the focus for the teacher to interact and adapt with. Bright colors, attractive natural materials, intriguing cultural objects, and interesting images intrigue the children to ask questions and play to learn about the world and what it has to offer the child in the complex sensory and intellectual understanding. The goal for when a child first enters the Montessori classroom is for them to be intrigued by there surroundings and feel curious to explore; gaining a sense of belonging and want to be in the classroom.

Children are taught in the Montessori classroom how to manage their social interactions with others. Through fun hypothetical situations, the teacher demonstrates appropriate ways to respond to stimulating circumstances from others in a way that promotes positive social interaction between the child and the stimulant and teaches them to act confidentially when an actual situation occurs. The end goal in the Montessori classroom is to instill this principle in each child as to foster an autonomous classroom where the problems that arise are managed by the children themselves with little to no teacher intervention.

The children move freely throughout the environment, interacting with what interests them and are aided by the teacher but encouraged to explore and question. This desire to understand a topic from the child enables long-term memory retention on the topic as opposed to being taught a topic the student may not be interested in. Their overall movements are unrestricted by the teacher unless it becomes an endangerment to the learning environment or anyone in the environment. As such, the learning does not only happen inside the classroom, but the outdoor environment is also a critical area fopr the child to explore and learn by themselves and with others.

More information on the infrastructures within the campus and how the help execute our pedagogical practice can be found on the infrastructure page.


About Us

Montessori Scholars Academy (MSA) is an educational facility in Alpharetta, Georgia that is dedicated to the highest standards of pedagogical practices for your children. Our school focuses on teaching your child the skills necessary to succeed in the technologically everchanging world we live in. We have obtained SACS AdvancEd accreditation, which help demonstrate our dedication to the advancement of your children in our educational program.

All of Montessori Scholars Academy’s Lead Teachers are certified by one of three Montessori societies: Association Montessori International (AMI), American Montessori Society (AMS), or Pan American Montessori Society (PAMS) . In order to obtain this certification, the teachers must attend and successfully complete the entire training program offered at designated training centers for their specific level (e.g. Primary). The teachers must also complete a practicum and work as assistants in the appropriate classrooms before becoming a lead teacher. More information about the certifications of our educators can be provided upon request. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or visit the websites of the certification societies at the links provided here: AMI Website, AMS Website, and PAMS Website.

We believe that kids are born with a quest for learning and we strive to provide them a more joyous and fun-filled learning experience.

Our Classes

Our school currently offers three distinct academic programs, which covers Infant, Toddler, and Primary education. We have previously offered Elementary programs as well and if you are interested in Elementary (Ages 6-12), please express this interest to us!

Infant Years

Up to 18 months of age

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18 – 36 months of age

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Ages 3 – 6 years


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